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Slovenia West Autogen for FSX and P3D

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SLOWAGN is a scenery enhancing add-on for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D adding a comprehensive autogen to Slovenia west of 15.00 E

This is a legacy and unavailbale product, left in the store to demonstrate our track reckord. It is substituted by a completly new, extensive and more comprehensive Slovenia X.

The customers who have bought SLOWAGN are able to upgrade to Slovenia X with 30% discount.

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SLOWAGN is a scenery enhancing add-on for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D v3. It solves the issue of an empty landscape and lack of autogen in the western part of Slovenia while also remaining independent of the underlay sceneries and terrain meshes. It is a standalone product that although meant as an enhancement for Slo4fsx Part 2 works with other add-on sceneries and underlays targeting the same geographical region – even with the default FSX scenery – as long as it is positioned above them. It covers the territory of Slovenia west of 14.97 E.

Special attention has been paid to create a unique and typical landscape image of various and picturesque western Slovenian geographical regions Gorenjska, Primorska, Kraška and Osrednjeslovenska. Given the elements based on real data and precision of placement, the add-on is very suitable for VFR flying.
SLOWAGN places default and custom autogen objects at their real-life locations based on the available geographical data:

  • typical houses with different textures and roof shapes according to the regions,
  • various building types according to the actual data (schools, public buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, train stations, hotels, gas stations, toll stations, etc.),
  • special and typical objects such as mountain huts, alpine shelters, alpine sheds – ‘stan’, hayracks – ‘kozolec’, various churches (adapted to different regions),
  • roads, bridges, overpasses and highway traffic,
  • railway tracks, catenary and (static) trains,
  • vegetation: forests, scrub and parks (also dependent on the region),
  • miscellaneous infrastructure objects such as high voltage poles, antennae, cellular towers, viaducts, highway tunnel entrances, highway signage, port cranes, wind turbines, power transformers, big storage tanks, etc.,
  • streets and roads in settlements, highway links and trunk roads are lit by street lights,
  • another Slovenian particularity are numerous churches on hills that are lighted by night,
  • different objects from custom build and default FSX libraries (buildings, vehicles, vegetation, etc.) were hand placed to complement the overall impression and make a lively and vibrant landscape.

Cities and places include but are not limited to Ljubljana, Kranj, Radovljica, Tržič, Domžale, Kamnik, Jesenice, Bled, Bohinj, Vrhnika, Postojna, Logatec, Ilirska Bistrica, Koper, Izola, Piran, Portorož, Nova Gorica, Kobarid and many more. In fact, over 10.000 small settlements and groups of houses have been added by hand on top of already extensive geographical data.

Places such as high plains in the hills and mountains – Velika planina, Mala planina, Gojška planina, Planina blato and many more, mountain passes – Kamniško sedlo, Vršič, Ljubelj, densely populated coastal region and medieval old town centres make the scenery plausible, picturesque and unique.

Underlay photoscenery and airfields are not included!  

We recommend SLOWAGN to be used with products from other publishers:

  • SLO4FSX part 2 (Slovenia West) by SST or
  • Slovenia VFR by SIMDESIGN.PL or
  • ORBX Global, Vector and LC Europe or
  • other photo-scenery and land-class underlays for the region


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