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    Roadmap for ILUMIUM.simulation projects in 2017 and onwards

    The roadmap has been written in Slovene (at the bottom). I would be rather working on the projects then translating my intentions and this is the reason you are reading the summarized version in English.

    The plans need to be ambitious and it helps when they are commited to paper. The users get excited, expectations get raised and the moral obligation to produce what has been announced keeps the motivation going and helps bring new products to life.

    When deciding whether to tackle a specific new add-on or not I came up with my personal checklist. At least one of the following parameters has to be met, preferably more:

    • Affinity to the subject of the add-on: triggers that get me thinking and considering a new scenery add-on are the beauty of the landscape, the features, the deeper logic of interactions and sediments including natural and cultural landscape, their different layers, historical sediments, architectural qualities of settlements and buildings – designing an add-on means getting a deeper understanding for the landscape and a bow to it, somehow putting it on the world map
    • Personal experience (with the landscape): living and experiencing the landscape on my own from different perspectives is a prerequisite. I have walked, hiked, cycled, even climbed and driven through them all, used the roads and paths and also off-road exploring, moved through them fast and slow and took my time to really live in them and with them
    • The lack of: going into add-ons that are economically unjustified due to the extremely small group of potential end-users is a luxury I can afford and will pursue as long as the sceneries are much needed, possess something extraordinary or it is imperative to show extraordinary and distinguishing within a globalized world. The reason is quite simple: if we do not do it, nobody will and we will not have them – it is not the best starting point but this simple fact started it all (at least for me)
    • Professional and developer challenge: being an architect and urbanist my research interest lies in the spatial character of landscapes, what constitutes it, how it is transmitted, how it is perceived and the translation of those notions into the simulated environments enhances and fosters the understanding of all of those – it is in a sense, a catalyst. The development challenge means bringing it from an idea into the simulator, its constraints and framework, being creative in overcoming the constant obstacles of a dinosaurs structure and rigidity.
    • Potential excellence of the products – a consideration about whether we can meet the established and ever higher standards of payware add-ons

    All of the above influenced the present and will surely influence the future projects:


    My home country deserves to be properly represented in the sim. Its immense diversity is also a challenging factor for sim developers – you feel you are developing four or five different sceneries, not one. Slo4FSX and SST (Slovenia Scenery Team) made a big leap forward in that direction. The Eastern part was and still is a great product, but due to the passing of the author, unfortunately not available anymore. His western part was never finished (only an underlay and special objects were developed) and this is where our product SLOWAGN filled the void. It was born out of frustration and necessity rather than fascination with the scenery design. But it became one, and an obsession, too.

    • Slovenia X (envisioned to be released in the first half of 2018) 

    will continue, where SLOWAGN left off. Providing a complete underlay with an elevation model, all vector features, accurately placed generic buildings in all their complexity, with typical textures, the regions, natural features and even some special landmarks and landmark buildings. Landclass will be customized and seasonally different including the night lighting maps and lights in the settlements. It will basically establish a whole and a complete representation of the country and bring an independent, and I dare to say more advanced and up-to-date, product in regards to now unavailable SLO4FSX sceneries.

    • Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport LJLJ (release date unknown)

    is a work in progress. The aim is to improve on the freeware versions and offer a complete and contemporary rendition which you are used to from other payware airports. Airfield design is frankly not our speciality and the project develops slowly. The publishing date is hard to predict. The updates have a dedicated post.


    Is a neighbouring country, its landscape  as overlooked and underrepresented in the sim as it is beautiful. Because it is larger than Slovenia it will not be covered as a whole but rather in parts.

    A tiny archipelago and a testing ground for me, where all the principles of larger areas in the neighbourhood and principles used in Slovenia scenery as well were tested. It is a fully functional freeware add-on, which you are welcome to download and have fun with, you just need to put it in your cart, register and ‘checkout’

    • Croatia X – Split archipelago and Riviera (second half of 2018, perhaps sooner)

    Is a logical continuation of the above product extending the area to islands of Šolta, Brač, Hvar, Vis and (could be a second phase) to coastal Riviera of Trogir, Split, Omiš in Makarska. It will offer a VFR playground and incredible setting for Split airport (LDSP) and other airfields in the vicinity

    • Croatia X – Istria (no definite release date yet, but surely after Slovenia X)

    Is a project that will bring the beauties of Istria into the sim. It will include the peninsula including the city of Rijeka (possibly with larger islands in front). The towns and complete coast including the smaller islands will be faithfully represented (Umag, Novigrad, Poreč, Vrsar, Rovinj, Opatija, Pula, Rijeka)

    donate your time and skill rather than money

    Scenery design is not a lucrative business and we cannot offer job opportunities. Should you like our work and want to support us: buy our products. If you already own them you are welcome to donate. Instead of the usual money donation, we would appreciate either your contribution in time, your expertise and skills, joining our team of enthusiasts or buying an additional product and give it to a fellow enthusiast. Either way, please let us know through the contact form.

    Stay tuned for more news and follow ups coming at this forum.

    Načrti in projekti ILUMIUM.simulation za obdobje 2017-2018

    Vizija mora biti vedno ambiciozna in včasih pomaga, če se jo zapiše, ker se s tem ustvarijo določena pričakovanja in posledično neke vrste moralna zaveza in dodatna motivacija, da izdelek ugleda luč sveta.
    Precej sem razmišljal ali naj zaključim pri slovenskem autogen-u za zahod ali nadaljujem. In če nadaljujem, v kateri smeri in česa bi se lotil. Odločitev po nadaljevanju ni bila preveč težka. Nabralo se je kup izkušenj in znanj, ki jih je škoda uporabiti le enkrat, ker je vsakič naslednjič lažje in več gradiva. Smer je bilo težje začrtati. O tem, da bo šlo za scenarije takšne in drugačne, ni bilo dvoma. Bila je ideja, da sledim področjem, ki jih je obdelal SimDesign, s svojim autogen-om in posebnimi objekti. Zadeva bi bila verjetno ekonomsko bolj racionalna, a me ni motivirala dovolj, da bi se tega res lotil.
    Po temeljitem razmisleku sem identificiral nekaj točk, ki se mi zdijo ključne pri tem, kako bi izbiral in razvijal naslednje izdelke, zakaj bi se jih sploh lotil in kaj me pri njih motivira:
    afiniteta do predmeta projekta: če gre za pokrajino, regijo, predel, me morajo njegove posebnosti, lepote in kvalitete navdušiti do te mere, da začnem razmišljati o tem, kaj ta prostor in pokrajino dela posebno, globlji ustroj in medsebojno učinkovanje naravne in kulturne krajine, različnih plasti, zgodovinskih sedimentov, arhitekture, poselitve itd. Iz tega se običajno hitro izcimi razmišljanje o tem, kako bi jih lahko prenesel in poustvaril v simulatorju, jih s tem uvrstil na zemljevid, se jim na nek način poklonil, ampak jih skozi to tudi bolje razumel
    osebna izkušnja: v čim večji meri in iz različnih vidikov doživeti in živeti s tem, kar bi rad poustvaril se mi zdi ključnega pomena za pristnost in razumevanje pokrajine, njenega delovanja in ustroja. Po vseh, ki sem jih in jih še bom naredil, sem prehodil nič koliko poti in brezpotij, prekolesaril navzgor in navzdol, prehodil hribe in gore, nekatere tudi preplezal, pa tudi prevozil z avtom in raziskal peš, si jih ogledal iz številnih perspektiv, tudi kakšnih neobičajnih, se po njih premikal počasi in hitro.
    manko: lotevam se tudi področij, ki še niso bila obdelana, pa bi si jih zelo želeli ali pa so zaradi ekonomske rentabilnosti in manjšega trga po krivici ostala spregledana; gre pa tudi za področja, ki so bila že obdelana pretežno iz tržnih razlogov, a s premalo občutka in motivacije, ki bi jo imel nekdo z lastno lokalno izkušnjo; in na koncu še s področji, ki smo jih že imeli, in po spletu nesrečnih okoliščin izgubili, so pomembni za našo nacionalno samobitnost in identiteto oz promoviranje naših posebnosti v globalizirani družbi, pa ni izgledov, da bi jih ponovno dobili, če jih ne naredimo sami
    strokovni in razvijalski izziv: strokovni v smislu, kako parafrazirati in prikazati kvalitete in lastnosti pokrajinske slike in tipike na način, da bodo prepoznavne tudi v simulatorju in pri hitrostih ter oddaljenosti s katerimi gledamo na svet iz letal; razvijalsko pa v smislu praktičnega prenosa zamisli in njene izvedbe v simulator, znotraj omejitev, ki jih postavlja in znotraj procesnih zmožnosti naše običajne računalniške opreme.

    Ob vseh teh gre še za dodatno zahtevo in premislek o odličnosti izdelka, ki preveri zmožnost doseganja uveljavljenih (in vedno višjih) standardov sodobnih komercialnih dodatkov. Brez tega bi bilo dobro že skoraj vse, kar bi polnilo praznine, s tem sitom pa se projekta niti ne lotim, dokler nisem prepričan, da lahko ponudim skoraj isto raven.

    Vsak izmed naslednjih projektov izhaja iz ene ali več zgornjih točk:
    Pod tem širšim naslovom se skriva že izdan Slovenia West Autogen – SLOWAGN in dva nova projekta, pri čemer je prvi, s široko Slovenia X ambicijo, logično nadaljevanje in istočasno zapolnjevanje praznine, ki jo je povzročil Andrejev prezgodnji odhod in posledično nedostopnost Slo4Fsx Part 1 (vzhod) in prav tako ne več dostopni in povrhu tudi nedokončani Slo4Fsx Part 2 (zahod). SLOWAGN je pretežno rešil problem nedokončanosti zahoda, a je še vseeno omejen s tem, da pokrije le pol Slovenije in ne ponuja vidne podlage.
    Slovenia X (prednostno na lestvici – predvidoma v začetku 2018)
    Slovenija si zasluži in bo dobila celovito pokritost pod okriljem enega izdelka, ki bo preskrbel, podlago, višinski model, vektorske podatke, generične zgradbe in del posebnih objektov. Odkup ortofoto ali satelitskih posnetkov vse Slovenije za naše tržišče (in svetovno) žal ni ekonomsko upravičljivo, zato bo razvoj šel v smeri landclass-ov, ki bodo narejeni izključno za Slovenijo in njeno tipiko, cilji so:
    – Posebni in raznovrstni landclass-i za vse pokrajine in rabo tal v Sloveniji
    – Vsak izmed teh bo že v izhodišču na voljo v šestih ‘letnih časih’, dve zimi, pomlad, poletje, jesen in nočna podoba
    – točna pokritost države z objekti, na njihovih pravih mestih in velikosti
    – raznovrstnost autogena, kot ste ga navajeni iz SLOWAGN po celotni Sloveniji, vključno z različnim tipom stavb, različno tipologijo in prilagojenimi, lastnimi knjižnicami generičnih objektov, tipičnih za Slovenijo
    – posebni slovenski objekti, ki so na voljo iz dostopnih in licenčno neproblematičnih baz, prilagojeni in obogateni z lastnimi teksturami ter lastnimi modeli objektov
    – ceste, železniške proge, infrastruktura, reke, obala, vodne površine, gozdovi in ostali vektorski elementi upodobljeni na točnih mestih in v raznovrstnosti, kot jo dopušča simulator
    – možnost vklopa/izklopa podlage, če bo uporabnik namestil ali že ima nameščeno, kakšno drugo podlago
    – letališča v ta izdelek ne bodo vključena
    – skratka Slovenija za FSX in P3D kot se šika po, upam za večino, dostopni ceni – obstoječi SLOWAGN kupci bodo izdelek lahko nadgradili z doplačilom razlike.
    Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport LJLJ (v izdelavi – rok izdaje nepredvidljiv)
    Ljubljansko letališče je že nekaj časa v izdelavi. Lotil sem se ga deloma zaradi tega, ker se mi zdi, da lahko presežemo trenutno, za ljubiteljski freeware, sicer odlično verzijo in zaradi tega, ker bi bil izmed vseh izdelkov zanimiv morda tudi izven naših meja in za večji del KVLS skupnosti kot celotna Slovenija, po kateri posegajo predvsem VFR letalci. O izdelku sem že pisal, o napredku pa bolj malo, ker gre izredno počasi. Letališča niso moja specialnost in se na njih šele privajam, moje zahteve so visoke, izdelava pa bolj časovno zahtevna kot pokrajinski scenariji, ker je potrebno zmodelirati vse do zadnje črte na ploščadi (kot sem rekel, standardi so postavljeni visoko). Če ne bo dovolj dobro, ne bo izdano in tu bi si prav želel, da me kdo od bolj znanih založnikov prehiti in me odreši tega projekta. Tu velja princip manka – spodobno glavno letališče enostavno moramo imeti in če ga noče naredit nihče drug, ga moramo mi.

    Čeprav je v tem zapisu na drugem mestu, za Slovenijo, je bila v zadnjem mesecu v ospredju prizadevanj. Med ponovnim, zdaj že vsakoletnim, obiskom Dalmacije sem začel razmišljati o njenih posebnostih, o pokrajini, o lepotah in o tem, kako bi bilo vse to skupaj zanimivo prenesti v simulator. Dodaten izziv se mi je zdelo dejstvo, da tam ni bilo Andreja, ki bi v časih, ko se je to še nekako dalo, izdelal podlago in bi jo moral zagotoviti sam. Kako se tega lotiti in ne bankrotirati z odkupom ortofoto posnetkov? Ko sem iskal način za rešitev, sem se zavedel, da je to ključnega pomena tudi za našo Slovenijo. Z odkljukanimi skoraj vsemi točkami pogojev, ki sem jih izpostavil zgoraj in višjo motivacijo kot kadarkoli v zvezi z LJLJ, sem hotel preskusit svoje zamisli na testnem modelu. Tokrat sem za razliko od testiranj za SLOWAGN želel, da bi bilo tudi testno področje že manjši zaključen izdelek in tako je nastalo brezplačno demo področje Croatia X – Drvenik Islands. Pri Hrvaški ne bo šlo za en izdelek in celovito pokritost, pač pa bodo izpod naslova Croatia X prihajala določena območja, ki jih dobro poznam in se mi zdijo zanimiva, zaradi bližine Slovenije ali pa bližine večjih hrvaških letališč pa bi bila lahko zanimiva tudi za ostale. Pri vseh sledečih letališča niso predvidena (vsaj ne v prvotni različici).
    Croatia X – Drvenik Islands DEMO (maj 2017, brezplačni izdelek že na voljo na
    Gre za malo otočje, kjer sem preskusil in apliciral večino idej, ki bodo uporabljene pri večjih področjih v soseščini. Svetujem, da si ga naložite in preskusite (potrebna je le registracija)
    Croatia X – Split archipelago and riviera (druga polovica 2018, morda že prej)
    Je logično in razširjeno nadaljevanje zgornjega, ki bo ponudil VFR igrišče okoli (odličnega Aerosoftovega) LDSP in LDSB ter slikovito pokrajino otokov: Šolta, Brač, Hvar, Vis in (predvidoma, morda druga faza) obale: Trogir, Split, Omiš in Makarska. Gre za dodatek, ki ne bo vključeval letališč (prvotno) oz bodo le ta zgolj in povsem osnovna.
    Croatia X – Istria (še ni časovnega okvira, a gotovo za Slovenia X)
    Bo pogledala čez mejo v naše zamejsko poletno letovišče, predvidoma vključno z Rijeko, morda tudi z otočjem pred njo, gotovo pa bodo vključena mesta kot so Umag, Novigrad, Poreč, Vrsar, Rovinj, Opatija, Pula (kolikor je že ni obdelane v izdelku Davorja Puljevića) in mali otočki pred njihovimi obalami.

    Kot zapisano na začetku – načrti morajo biti ambiciozni in ti tudi so. Seveda je veliko neznank v obliki platform, ki prihajajo, platform, ki se starajo, pa tudi drugih, bolj osebne narave, predvsem tistih z razpoložljivosti časa in, ker gre bolj za hobi kot kaj drugega, tudi volje. Vsi našteti izdelki so gotovo izvedljivi – preverjeno tako po dostopnosti podatkov in podlag, ki jih bom potreboval za izdelavo kot tudi po že preskušenih konceptih, ki bodo to omogočili. LJLJ je drugačna zgodba, ker pri letališčih na plan prihaja različnost platform, zastarelost simulatorja in obvozi, ki so potrebni terjajo svoj davek. So bolj pod drobnogledom, duhamorni za izdelavo in sila kompleksni tako v pojavnosti kot v funkcionalnosti.

    Kot običajno velja povabilo, da se lahko pridružite pri kakšnem ali kar vseh projektih. Zaslužka v tem ni, vse vložene ure ostajajo nepokrite, iz dohodkov se trenutno lahko financira nakup in odkup podlog za nadaljnje projekte (zelo omejene količine), nakup programja za izdelavo, platform in dodatkov za test kompatibilnosti (in še to ne vsega v tem obsegu), ostalo pa štejem med lastno zabavo in veselje.

    Tale zapis je istočasno moj plan, moj premislek o začrtanem in moje izčiščevanje idej o projektih, zato se oproščam za njegovo dolžino, po drugi strani pa malo obširnejša razlaga lahko koga tudi navduši, da se pridruži, vsaj kot bodoči uporabnik, če že ne izdelovalec.

    Lep pozdrav,
    Ilumium Simulation


    It will soon be one year since the Slovenia Autogen West has been released. The holidays are an excellent time to reflect on the state of the art and progress made in our (well mostly mine) scenery developments in this region. The road-map for 2017 and onward was posted soon after and it included several projects, some running in parallel. The time, necessity and motivation are always the catalysts and as you can see, the projects got the life of their own.

    SLOWAGN: the product that started it all began a new life soon after with the start of the development of Slovenia X for FSX/P3D. Some objects have been reused, re-textured and redesigned for the use in Slovenia X.

    SLOVENIA X: Although the project will not come out at the end of 2017, it is on good track and will be published in the first half of 2018. The recent video supports that claim. With most of the vector objects generated, seasons and land class out of the way, the GIS data sifted through and added to, plenty of new building types made and textured, I was able to generate the first batch of Slovenia X. More to see at the dedicated post.

    LJLJ Joze Pucnik Airport: a good initial push has been made on the first to be announced project after SLOWAGN at the start of the year. New buildings as well as underlay have been completed. High definition ground polygons are half finished with the markings and edges still missing. Those will be a major undertaking when the project continues in the (not so near future). Some shots are re-posted here to give you the feel for the state of the art in this project.

    A couple of side projects spawned unexpectedly during the year, all highly detailed and they were offered as freeware scenery add-ons.

    CROATIA X: Drvenik Islands were the testing grounds for Slovenia X and Croatia X (the project has been postponed into 2019) methods and scenery development principles.

    LJDI Divaca airport happened as an off spin from the workshops that we had on Youtube for KVLS. It is quite detailed, small size airfield in Slovenia, with some goodies such as volumetric grass, animated hangar doors, custom buildings and vehicles, etc.

    LJHL UKC heliport in the middle of Ljubljana and the ensemble of buildings surrounding it was developed from scratch. It is a major heliport in Slovenia and very important for the medical and rescue services often in use by the mountain rescue teams. It is again rendered as close to its appearance and functionalities (including pilot controlled lighting) as possible. It will be a part of Slovenia X. It also features prominently in the video on Slovenia X.

    CROATIA X: Split archipelago is on hold at the moment

    For the coming year, there is no particular roadmap. 2018 will be the continuation and see completion of the ongoing projects. It is perhaps not as exciting for me as the developer as 2017 was, but it will be surely interesting for the end users, as they will finally get some splendid and much awaited products. I wish you peaceful holidays and splendid, flying and other adventures full of 2018!

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