LJDI – Divaca Airport (Freeware)


LJDI – Divaca Airport is a fully functional freeware airport add-on for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D. It covers a small airport in Primorska region of Slovenia (EU). Now with a proper sloped runway for P3D5.

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LJDI – Divaca Airport is a fully functional freeware airport add-on for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D. It covers a small airport in Primorska region of Slovenia (EU).

The project has spawn off unexpectedly from the workshops with the theme of custom scenery and airport making for KVLS club (Klub Virtualnih Letalcev Slovenije) that I hosted online. The old hangar has been used as an example for modelling basics and texturing while it was conveniently well documented. I did not want the model to go unfinished and wasted, so I modelled the old complex in full, then added the airport functionality (also part of the workshops) and at the end decided to model the new complex, too. The underlay has also been made featuring four seasons, a night version and a snowy version.

The features you will enjoy are:

  • custom land class with four seasonal, night and snowy underlays,
  • custom-built models of all buildings at the airport fully replicating the existing infrastructure,
  • functional airport with 2 runways, taxiways, aprons and parking spots,
  • vegetation and greenery is faithfully recreated according to the data and typical for the region; extensive custom volumetric greenery is scattered across the airfield
  • animated windsock and animated hangar doors (requires installation of SODE engine)
  • hand-placed objects from custom-built and default FSX libraries, such as buildings, vehicles, vegetation and the like, to complement overall impression and create lively and vibrant landscape
  • a native P3D5 slopped runway – an optional update for P3D5 courtesy of our user and a community member B. Filovski, who made an extra effort to model it as it is in real life and offered to share it among the community (it is not compatible with Slovenia X or Slovenia X Photoreal due to their custom elevation model that is more accurate but differs from the default P3D elevation model)

For a complete experience of the add-on, the following products are highly recommended:

  • Slovenia X
  • and other products covering the region, including, but not limited to, Orbx Global and LC Europe
  • not compatible with Slovenia X Airports and Slovenia X Photoreal (by aquiring either of them you get the detailed and slighlty enhanced version of LJDI)

Known issues: an object on the apron at the new hangar causes a crash detection – solution: turn off the crash detection in the sim

Unpacking and Installation: some users have trouble with the extraction of rar files. This is a rar file divided into two parts and you need a programme that knows how to handle such files (e.g. WinRar). Some programmes do not handle such files well (e.g. 7Zip) and you will get an error. When unpacking you should select to unpack part 1 and the second part will be unpacked automatically without your intervention needed. Should you unpack them sepparately the exe file will not be complete and will report missing volume. The size of unpacked exe file is 78 Mb.

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