Slovenia X Airports for FSX and P3D


Slovenia X Airports adds over 40 Slovenian airfields and airstrips, all with custom and customised buildings, aeroplanes, seasonal greenery (grass, trees and other objects), default sim objects and lots of clutter which bring the aerodromes to life. The VFR aerodromes as classified by Slovenia Control have photo-real (seasonal) underlays which blend seamlessly with Slovenia X add-on. Slovenia X provides the ‘regional’ and contextual add-on while Slovenia X Airports deliver a complementary part that is also a vital to virtual flying community. With such a number of airfields and airstrips available, Slovenia is becoming a virtual VFR heaven and a joy to visit – virtually or, better even: in real life.

PLEASE NOTE: The product can be acquired by the owners of Slovenia X at a reduced price or as part of Slovenia X + Slovenia X Airfields bundle. The product is presently not available as a stand alone add-on.



Slovenia X Airports for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D is a logical expansion for Slovenia X region. It offers recognizable rendition of all, but one¹, airfields and airstrips turning Slovenia X into a true low and slow flying heaven.

There are a couple of questions that we can address immediately and at the same time introduce the product:

  1. Why are Airports a separate product and not part of a core Slovenia X add-on? Slovenia X was intended to be developed as a regional add-on, providing a context for all the airports developed either commercially or by the members of the flying community. The anticipated adaptation of existing freeware airports did not happen nor were there any indications that the missing ones are coming in the foreseeable future. What is a region then without its most important parts that bring it to life in a flight simulator! So the need arose and the decision was made to include all Slovenian airports and airstrips with correct disposition of their elements and default, or at least generic, objects and buildings. While in development, the ambitions expanded. First, the 3D greenery was envisioned, then the intended generic and default buildings grew into custom buildings and custom objects, the thoughts shifted from land class underlays to photo real underlays for major VFR airports and the immense scope of the task to include all airfields and airstrips became painfully obvious. At the end, the community members themselves suggested that Slovenia X as a region has grown beyond its expectations and set price, and that Airfields should become a separate product. The principle of add-on regions with rudimentary afcads of airfields and much more detailed but separate airfields as spiced up additions are a well-known and proven concept within the flying community. The only difference is that instead of one airfield per product you get 41 of them.
  2. Can Airports be used without Slovenia X? Presently NO. They are fine-tuned and colour matched to Slovenia X, attuned to Slovenia X detailed 3D terrain mesh, the surrounding autogen (buildings and greenery) is provided by Slovenia X. The experience without Slovenia X would be very much hindered and too disappointing. This is the reason the add-on is only available to customers who own Slovenia X. Depending on the interest by the community they might become a standalone product in the future.

Map of airports included in Slovenia X Airfields: blue – international and military airports, red – VFR airfields, orange – airstrips

Key features of Slovenia X Airports:

  • 41 airfields and airstrips: 2 international airports, 1 military airport, 12 midsize VFR airfields, 26 airstrips ranging in size
  • all airfields and airstrips come with their own terrain adaptations that attune them to Slovenia X mesh
  • 30cm photo real underlays (LOD17) for all Slovenian VFR airports that seamlessly blend-in with Slovenia X
  • Based on the latest AIRAC data airfields come with correct disposition of elements and buildings
  • Custom, recognizable buildings and elements at all airfields and airstrips
  • Custom static airplanes Pipistrel Virus, Pipistrel Sinus, Blanik L-13, Pilatus PC-6, McDonnell Douglas DC-9 (MD-80)
  • Seasonal greenery and objects including 3D grass, trees, corn fields, hay bales (SODE)
  • Animated windsocks (+animated hangar doors at LJDI)
  • Clutter consisting of default and custom objects
  • Ambient sounds
  • AI traffic between Slovenian airports
  • Conservative with polygon, texture and drawcalls use, LOD adapted – optimized for performance
  • Compatible with FSX, FSX:SE, P3D (v1 – v5)
  • and last but not insignificant: developed by the locals

A series of introductory flights and other videos related to Slovenia X and Airports is available at the YouTube list here.

The airfields included are:
LJAJ – Ajdovščina
LJBL – Lesce/Bled
LJBO – Bovec
LJCE lite² – Cerklje Military (and GA) airport
LJCL – Celje
LJDI – Divača
LJMB lite² – Edvard Rusjan Maribor Airport
LJMS – Murska Sobota
LJNM – Novo mesto
LJPO – Postojna
LJPT – Ptuj
LJPZ – Portorož
LJSG – Slovenj Gradec
LJSK – Slovenske Konjice
LJSO – Šoštanj

The airstrips included are:
Zagorje-Zagorje ob Savi
Kaplja vas-Prebold
Šentvid-Šentvid pri Stični
Novi Lazi-Kočevska Reka
Hude Ravne-Dole pri Litiji
Ranč – Prekopa
Stanežiče – Ljubljana

(1) LJLJ – Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is not included in the add-on and is covered by other developers
(2) light version with correct disposition of airport elements that also relies on default buildings and elements along with the use of land class textures for underlays. The tower and/or terminal building as well as the GA part of the airport are custom modelled

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