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    The LJLJ project has started.

    The aim is to deliver:

    • extensively detailed but modestly FPS and resources heavy airport,
    • with precisely shaped buildings positioned at the correct locations,
    • high resolution 5 seasons ground textures (spring, summer, autumn, winter, hard winter),
    • detailed terrain mesh,
    • all the (custom made) clutter and objects that make a living and lively airport,
    • night time textures, including the lighting effects,
    • crucial and distinctive landmarks on the approach courses,
    • blending with the surrounding be it SLO4FSX or other scenery covering the area,

    The known limitations and challenges and the decisions to be made about are:

    • the difference in height between the runway ends is approximately 30 meters – FSX does not support sloping runways and thus makes it impossible to model it precisely, making the terrain mesh blend also particularly challenging
    • custom lights for the runway would render the lights off during the low visibility day-time approach, while the default lighting adapts to visibility; but the later cannot be as accurately placed and modeled; and use of both is out of the question
    • although we could easily model the buildings to the last rivet we will aim to keep the polys at bay in places where they are not crucial, opting for optimized and ‘close enough’ feel and look of the objects and buildings – the CPU will be thankful and so will you for the normal FPS during landings and takeoffs
    • we will not spare with modeling and textures in places that are meant to be observed from small distances
    • 1k textures will be used rather than 2k or 4k textures; and the texture plates will be limited in numbers – thus more memory resources will be available to your ever more complex planes
    • the extent of the airport – autogen wise – will be limited to its borders – there are really splendid add-ons available for the surroundings, including SLOWAGN; the same goes for the ground textures which will not venture much beyond the airport borders, except for the purposes of blending in with the surroundings
    • a screaming and demanding baby, a non-existent skiing- and the slow beginning of the climbing- season, sim flying to be done, teaching and research – all to be factored in and counted with not always necessarily in that particular order

    While everybody like to start with either the ground or the terminal building, I thought I could be wiser and begin with the filligran objects. If the project stalls – let’s be frank about it, it might – we will at least end up with the objects and buildings we do not have at the moment.

    Visuals: we have got a meteo station, transmissometers (I have learned a lot in the last days), papi lights, glide-slope station, approach lights, localizer antenna (not in the pictures). The objects have been inserted into the existing freely available LJLJ scenery (from several authors) just for tests and some much needed fun. The antenna lights are certainly off (need to make better) and the taxiway signs too bright (not mine). The rest will follow, eventually 😀

    Cheers and stay tuned!



    LJLJ has been on hold for almost a year with other projects having the priority over this one. With the new developer tackling the task a few months ago, our project is halted at this time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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